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The Mill

Coming in March 2022

A serial killer, some ghosts, and an old paper mill converted to apartments. What could possibly go wrong?

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Hayward's Revenge

The final installment of the Elders Series!

Leah MacKenzie and her mother, Dana, live an idyllic life in Illinois until a runaway car careens across their lawn, nearly killing Leah - a bungled attempt at murder. Now, they’re on the run, pursued by the same shadowy figure who killed Dana’s mother two years before.

Soon, they’re joined by two mysterious Englishmen chasing a serial killer - their trails coming together at a mysterious old lighthouse on the aptly named Porte des Morts passage, literally, the Doorway of Death.

There, they come face to face with an evil so powerful they may not survive.

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Quinlan's Secret

Beware what lurks below…

Josh and Kiera have always hoped to own a tavern, a dream that soon goes awry when they discover a hidden passage to an underground cavern. Ghosts and spirits appear, friends go missing, their lives unravel. Soon, they find themselves in a fight for their very lives.

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Shepherd's Warning

Sometimes you shouldn't go home...

For years the abandoned MacKenzie mansion remained hidden in rural Wisconsin. Rumors and stories of apparitions, odd noises, accidents, and strange deaths in or near the property were enough to convince the townsfolk it was haunted and they stayed away.

Lucas MacKenzie and his brother Nate know nothing of this when they inherit the property and decide to bring their families to Wisconsin for a major renovation project. As they tear out old fixtures and open shuttered windows, the house reveals secrets of a terrible past and it becomes clear the MacKenzies are in grave danger. In the end, only one person can save them.

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Past Projects

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Voyager - A Musical Journey

A montage of musical images inspired by the Voyager Space Program featuring ten original tracks of music and four prog-rock arrangements from the Planets Suite by Holst

Four Pieces - Instrumental Symphonic Rock

Three cornerstones of the classical repertoire in daring progressive rock arrangements and an original nocturne for guitar

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Fond du Lac, WI, USA

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